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Will installing a water softener in my home cause a drop in water pressure?

Yes, always
In most cases
In some cases
No, never
Not sure
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Question: Will installing a water softener in my home cause a drop in water pressure?
Top Answer (48% of 29 votes): In some cases.

Answer: In some cases
Explanation: In a properly operating water softener the pressure drop is minimal. If the softener has not been properly maintained and has not regenerated as required then you will notice a significant drop in pressure. We test this by opening a hose bib (spigot) near the softener and place the softener in bypass, if there is a significant drop in pressure you will know that your softener has become clogged. In a properly operating softener I find it difficult to notice any change in pressure.
1 Call Well Service
Answer: Yes, always
Explanation: Technically the answer is YES, ALWAYS. Pressure loss is caused by the friction of water flowing through your pipes. Any new system, filter, softener, or just additional pipe, will cause a loss in pressure. However, this can be virtually unnoticeable, especially at typical usage flow rates (like a 3 GPM shower) if you purchase the right sized appliance. Our systems have the lowest pressure loss and highest flow rates available. We are happy to do a direct comparison with any competitive system and to provide a written performance guarantee. This is a terrific consideration.
Purologix Water Services
Answer: No, never
Explanation: If your incoming water line into your home is 3/4 inch and your water softener valve is also 3/4 inch there would not be a drop in water pressure
Ohio Valley Pure Water
Answer: No, never
Explanation: Most water softeners and water treatment systems will not drop your water pressure except when it is "re-generating"
DripDrop LLC
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: A reduction in pressure will only be experienced under high flow conditions and is almost always so slight that it can not detected by the customer.
JB Water
Answer: No, never
Explanation: If your unit is sized appropriately and met with the plumbing code no pressie loss will be caused
Houston water products
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Sometimes if you try to save money by buying a budget softener the unit could reduce the pressure. It's important that the company to choose will install the correct unit for your home, all homes are not the same.
Aspen Water Solutions
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: This can cause a drop in pressure.
The Drain Butler
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Softeners may cause a drop in pressure due to resistance from the resin bed. Our customers don't use softeners because there are other more effective ways to deal with scale that are less expensive and don't require ongoing maintenance.
The Wellness Enterprise, Inc.
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