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What is a water softener?

A water softener is an appliance that makes "hard" water softer. To make water softer means to lower high levels of minerals like magnesium and calcium that can damage pipes and other household appliances.
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A water softener is an appliance that lowers the concentration harmful minerals in water, including calcium, magnesium and other metals. If left alone, these compounds can react poorly with dish and hand soap, can harm skin, and can damage piping. The most common process to soften water is lime softening. Lime softening uses limewater, also known as calcium hydroxide, to remove hard elements, such as magnesium and calcium, through the process of precipitation.

Answer: A unit that "Re-ionizes" damaged water molecules. Damaged Molecules have lost Hydrogen and thus cluster in large globs of water. See how water "Mounds" on a surface? that is the surface tension created by lack of adequate Ions. Salt Ions are the usual method of typical water softeners, however a new technology exists that is significantly less expensive, no chemicals and low energy costs. it is an Electronic Pulse Energy device.
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Answer: A water softener uses millions of tiny beads called resin to remove certain ions from the water. This ion exchange is the process of removing hard water ions from the water they stick to the resin beads. Once the resin beads become fully saturated with hard water ions, it uses either sodium or potassium brine during a regeneration cycle to basically? clean the hard water ions off of the resin beads and then is ready to once again remove hard water ions.
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Answer: It conditions the water and removes calcium magnesium.
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Answer: A water softener eliminates the effects of hard water. Hard water scale builds up in your internal pipes, appliances, fixtures, skin, hair and clothes. Less chemicals and cleaning products can be used when a water softener is in place.
Answer: Ion-exchange
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