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Is it possible to install a water softener if I have a septic system?

In most cases
Not sure
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Question: Is it possible to install a water softener if I have a septic system?
Top Answer (54% of 22 votes): Always.

Answer: Always
Explanation: The softening of water will have no affect on your septic system from normal use of softened water. If you have a softener that drains during regenerations than it could cause an issue with the drain field of the septic system.
1 Call Well Service
Answer: Always
Explanation: Of course, water softners are not harmful to your system.
DeLaTorre Septic
Answer: Always
Explanation: The US EPA has done many studies, particularly with the University of Wisconsin, that has determined that brine discharge does not affect septic systems, and can even improve soil percolation. The Water Quality Association (WQA) has documented this clearly. However, there is some conflicting research and a debate still rages. That conflicting research speaks about softener systems that cycle 2-3 times a week (or more), using over 100 gallons of water per cycle and 12-15 lbs of salt at each regeneration (cleaning). The real issue here is two fold: 1) the softener is very inefficient (down flow regen), and 2) the control program is wasteful (basic time clock). New softener technology (particularly in the area of computer controllers) has made it possible to reduce the water discharged by 80%, and coupled with counter current regeneration now available, the salt usage has been reduced by 50-80%. It is the hydraulic load of cheap, inefficient, down-flow softeners that is detrimental to the septic tank, not the brine waste itself. In reality, 300 gallons of water a week is like adding 30 x 10 minute showers to your household. In a seven day week, this is adding a shower a day x 4 extra people in the home (7 x 4 = 28 showers). Of course your septic will not handle this kind of water flow, regardless if it carries solid waste or brine from a softener. Just try adding that much clean water and your septic will probably fail. I'm tired of the raging debate missing this very basic and important point. Buy an efficient system.
Purologix Water Services
Answer: Always
Explanation: Water softeners do not affect septic tanks as long as the drain line is not connected to the septic tank
Executive Water Systems
Answer: Always
Explanation: Studies at University of Wisconsin confirmed that the salt brine discharge from water softeners does not adversely affect the treatment capabilities or percolation rate of a septic system .
JB Water
Answer: Always
Explanation: Water softeners will be installed on the main water line. The discharge from the unit that will flush occasionally does not need to be ran to the septic
Houston water products
Answer: Always
Explanation: The only problem is where you drain the water. Some septic systems will void your warranty if you drain it into there system. We have done many home with this problem and we have worked around it.
Aspen Water Solutions
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: We don't install softeners but we help a lot of people remove them.
The Wellness Enterprise, Inc.
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