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Is it possible to install a salt-free water softener?

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Question: Is it possible to install a salt-free water softener?
Top Answer (83% of 18 votes): Yes.

Answer: Yes
Explanation: but they dont work in the houston area..
Answer: Yes
Explanation: There are systems which are salt less but I have no experience with these. In my area of Florida our hardness levels out of the well generally exceed 30 grains per gallon. My systems which use salt do a great job at addressing this issue and I see no reason to change what works.
1 Call Well Service
Answer: No
Explanation: There is no such thing as a salt-free water softener commercially available to residential consumers. This is a misleading statement and you should go and read the Water Quality Associations Consumer Alert. The salt-free technology (media and/or magnets) claim to render the hard minerals as non-binding particulate that will no longer stick and build-up. These particles are supposed to pass through the system and go out the drain without causing hard water buildup issues in the home. Based on the system manufacturers own claims the water is therefore NOT SOFTENED, so it would be untrue to claim a salt-free water softener. If you test the hardness of water treated by these appliances it is unchanged (or even higher) than the feed water. There are two exceptions. One is a company who sells a citric acid generator (that is based on a consumable filter cartridge) that acidifies your water to dissolve hard mineral buildup. This seems expensive to maintain (buying cartridges), but also risky. Acidic water is a whole new problem and can wreak havoc on soft metals in your plumbing appliances, hot water heaters, and fixtures like brass and copper. The second exception is if you are purchasing an industrial Electrodeionization system (EDI). They can be tuned to reduce hardness and "soften" water without salt. If you have a vendor in your home selling a salt-free water softener, hide your checkbook and credit cards UNLESS he is promoting electrodeionization (EDI), then be prepared to write a very big check. The other option is to find a computer controlled, counter-current regenerated, packed bed water softener with a 10-year+ MFG warranty and get all the benefits of soft water without using too much salt. Compared to conventional and traditional systems, these appliances reduce water use by 80% and salt use by 50-80%. The operating cost savings easily justify the slightly higher retail price over the old and traditional softener technology.
Purologix Water Services
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes, potassium chloride is a salt alternative.
Executive Water Systems
Answer: Yes
Explanation: In the salt based process above (true water softening), hardness minerals are actually removed from the water. In the salt-free process minerals are retained in the water, but their form is changed so they will not adhere to surfaces. “Salt free” water softeners are actually not softeners, they are “water conditioners”. Water is processed through a catalytic media using a physical process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). What happens is the hardness minerals are converted to a hardness crystal that is not able to bind to surfaces. This is actually water conditioning, not softening. A water test would show this result: Before treatment 10 grains/gallon, result post/treatment 10 grains/gallon. Again, The hardness is still there… just changed so it won’t adhere to surfaces. There is no electrical valve needed on a salt-free system because the system works as a conditioner and never captures anything therefore eliminating the need to purge any minerals.
JB Water
Answer: Yes
Explanation: There is an Electronic Pulse Energy system that restores the Ionic charge in the water that keeps minerals in suspension. This provides water "Softening" without chemicals.
Gods Water Boy - Purifying H2O
Answer: Yes
Explanation: We don't do it, it's not effective.
Just Water Treatment Inc
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